About Skin Centraal

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Dr. Ramon Briones
Dr. Ramon Briones

Inside the newest happening locale in Makati, specifically on Makati Avenue at the A (Antel) Venue Events Mall; one would discover a slick black-and-white clinic on the second floor called, intriguingly, “Skin Centraal”. Started by 2 former commercial models Eugene del Rosario and Dr. Ramon Briones, a Dermatologist, The Dermatologic Clinic and Dermspa was meant to offer a quieter, chic-er alternative to other skin-service establishments that had dotted the metropolis. The business partners built the Facial salon to resemble a place they always had dreamt of – getting their procedures done. The site is purposely minimalist inspired by the cool Nordic designs they have seen in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In fact that’s why its called “Skin Centraal” – Clients who have been to Amsterdam get the reference to the popular train station, by the display of corner clocks which exhibit the different local time zones.

Although both business partners are avowed Francophiles, they feel the Dutch are the best looking people in the world – and find their unself-conscious persona and presentation more appealing than the blatant glamor of the French and Italians. The decor is meant to appeal to the younger, hip set – because skin care is not the exclusive domain of the mature social groups (although the latter are still welcome).

It is purposely not frilly so that men may feel comfortable in these surroundings- since the male standard of hygiene and presentation had been raised unforgivably for the past few years, and they need a place where the damage of modern day stresses can be repaired.

The majority of services are purposely non-surgical for such concerns as slimming and facial rejuvenation. After all, the business partners are aware that the world is unkind to those who do not meet a certain aesthetic standard; yet the economy does not give the luxury of time for more invasive procedures for those who seek to fulfill these standards.