This is Our Passion

image: Our Passion

Dermatological services of Skin Centraal have been concentrated to the non-surgical, non-invasive approach. We are catering to the needs of the modern urban and suburban dwellers who, we know, consider time as valuable – so can only avail of 2 to 4 hour office procedures.

The aestheticians are fully-trained physical therapists and nurses, therefore giving excellent professional services. The owners had worked previously within the advertising industry, and therefore make them sympathetic and aware to whatever aesthetic demands of either male or female patients.

Since today’s society has become too obsessed with visuals, and image – We, at Skin Centraal, understand that looking good is actually one of the contributing factors to one’s personal success, be it in business or in one’s relationships. So aside from performing the procedures with the utmost care and expertise – we also are attentive to your self-esteem – and wish to help coax out your inner diva, and get you camera-ready for your next red carpet moment.

“Commit a Little Sin,
Indulge Your Skin.”