Double Your Fat Loss With RF And Ultrasound


Skin Centraal has acquired an Ultrasound surgery-free body contouring machine to supplement the clinic’s classic Lipotherm RF therapy. Ultrasound technology has been used successfully in the USA in both invasive surgical liposuction procedures, as well as its non- surgical counterpart. The latter is totally non-invasive, no-downtime treatment for the reduction of unwanted fat deposits and improvement in body contours. With the Ultra Slim Lite procedure, focused ultrasound is applied to the outer skin, which generates mechanical (non-thermal) effects in the fat layer to selectively breakdown fat cells and liquefy fats. The liquefied fat is gradually and safely cleared by the body’s natural metabolic and physiological pathways overtime.

Additional vacuum pressure is applied to affected areas where Ultra Slim Lite machine had run through to soften the fibrous septate separating the fat cells-thus reducing signs of cellulite; and also loosening the surfaces of the fat cells so the latter may be more susceptive to the additional effects of the classic Lipotherm  RF procedure.

To recap, RF is Radio Frequency, the original method of fat reduction wherein thermal energy is used to liquefy fat cells.

The two procedures are performed during a convenient walk-in, walk out” session carried out in a non-hospital based environment. These procedures require no anesthesia or sedation and the vast majority of patients report no discomfort during treatment. After treatment, patients immediately resume their daily routines.

The advantage of this new service which we call “Lipotherm Combination” shows more pronounced measurable results than the original Lipotherm RF procedure.

For example- in the original single RF session- an average of 1 inch reduction is measured on the abdomen. With the combination of the Ultra Slim Lite Ultrasound and RF - an average of nearly 2 inches diminution is recorded. After 3 sessions, as much as a 4- inch loss can be witnessed.

The Lipotherm combination has been designed to help men and women acquire an improved body contour. It offers an alternative to patients seeking effective reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery. It is ideal for healthy individuals who just need that last stubborn spot reduction to get into that uber-fashionable skinny jeans.